There are so many reasons why birth control is important, and a lot of them don’t have anything to do with having sex at all.Certain forms of birth control reduce risks of ovarian cysts and uterine cancer, regulate periods, symptoms of endometriosis, hormone levels, and weight. Did you know that some forms of birth control can even help with acne?
If you’re having sex, remember that it is a completely natural part of life. It’s great that you want to take care of yourself by using birth control. You’re doing the right thing by communicating with your parents (or someone else) when you’re sexually active; tell them you respect them and didn’t want to hide this from them.
Confidence is key. Be assertive in who you are and about the choices you’re making when you share this information with your family. We’re not asking you to tell them how your last time was—just communicate that you’re taking care of yourself by choosing a responsible method of birth control.
If all else fails, confide in your siblings. If they’re older, they definitely understand your parents, too, and they can help. Communication will also help you set an example for younger siblings.
Your parents have life experience, and they can be extremely insightful in helping you find a doctor or birth control method that works best for you as well as navigate social situations.
While a number of different things can happen when you decide to talk to your family about sex, know that you’re doing a good and extremely responsible thing. Communication is protection, and you’re taking a big step and staying safe by talking about it.

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