let’s make sexual health easier to
talk about.

let’s make boundaries easier to
talk about.

let’s make consent easier to
talk about.

let’s make birth control easier to
talk about.

Numbers don’t lie.

We don’t either.

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1 in 4

new STI cases
occur in teens

only 9%

of teens
having sex use

Texas has the 9th

highest teen birth rate in the US

Every 25

minutes a baby is born to a teen mom in Texas

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Get to know
what you
don’t know:

Can you use two condoms during sex?

No! Only use one condom at a time. If you use two, friction will happen, and the condoms will break.

Does the pull out method work?

It is not an effective method. Pre-ejaculation can still cause pregnancy.

we have safe spaces

for you to talk about sex, relationships, and health on texas campuses.

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Can my doctor tell if I’m a virgin or not? And can they tell my parents?

RC, San Antonio

Do you have to use condoms every time that you have sex?

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no jokes.
no judgment.

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