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Big Decisions

Big Decisions is  a medically accurate, abstinence-plus sexual education curriculum that focuses on helping young people make healthy and informed decisions about sex. Big Decisions is designed to vigorously—and effectively—encourage young people to postpone sexual involvement, and also to provide guidance and information to young people which can reduce their risks when they do become sexually active.

Age/Target Audience: 7th-12th grade

Other Perks: Training available for teachers, social workers, educators, and other adults who have an interest

Big Decisions

Pride Guide to STIs

The Pride Guide to STIs is being developed in coordination with LGBTQ+ young adults to ensure LGBTQ+ young adults can access information about prevention, testing, and treatment for STIs. Upon completion, this curriculum will be available for free to the public.

Age/Target Audience: LGBTQ+ Young Adults and Educators

pride guide to stis

On My Way

On My Way is a groundbreaking new puberty curriculum that offers a wide range of educational activities about much more than just hygiene. Middle school students learn about the social, emotional, and physical changes they are experiencing and how to navigate them. This innovative curriculum offers a robust experience for youth who are navigating the ups and downs of puberty.

Age/Target Audience: 4th – 6th grade

On My Way

Key Conversations:

Key Conversations is a program for parents and caregivers that teaches them how to talk about healthy relationships and sexual health with their child. It focuses on empowering parents to make sure they understand the challenges teens may face, and guides them on how to navigate those challenges with their child.

Age/Target Audience: Parents and Caregivers

key conversations
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